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07-25-2015, 10:45 PM
"A lighthearted and accessible deck builder/tactics game"

All instructions/reference cards on board to help learn the game or remind you of what can or should be done
1~6 player co-op game (4/6 character variants where you choose which characters to control)
Deck building: - Choose a Main class to gain their passive/active effects, and a Sub class to take advantage of their potential cards
- After building starter deck, gain new cards throughout the game as you earn experience by defeating enemies
A variety of attack types and afflictions to take advantage of in combat
Randomized environment to combat in via card flips that build the land, where some land also have effects to take advantage of.
Enemy 'AI' via the Rage tracking described in-game
Accessible levels of tactics for those who just want to have fun and those that want to dig deeper into combining multiple elements for their benefit

Below is a video that skips setup and plays through current beta V0.2, showing how everything works as it becomes relevant and demonstrating how the gameplay systems interact.


The project has reached a stage where I'd like to ask for players who may be interested in testing it in a closed beta fashion, the purpose of which is to test:

How it functions online and how it feels with 2~4 players in the game
If there are any pieces of information still missing (like in the above video I missed adding stamina gain into the character turn order)
If there are any pieces of information that may be confusing or misleading
The balance of class cards/enemies/general gameplay (which I've done my best to calculate but spreading balance testing out leaves more time I can spend polishing the project and rules)
How various players experiences with the project feels and generally how much you hopefully enjoy it

If you wish to apply for closed beta please post:
How experienced you are with Tabletop Simulator: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
How experienced you are with board games: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
2 of your preferred genres for board/PC games
Up to 5 Board/PC games you thoroughly enjoy
How many players you are able to test the game with
If you are selected I'll send you a PM with the project for you to play and share only with those you wish to test it with (Don't post it publicly),
if you aren't chosen I still greatly appreciate your interest and any sharing of the project can help find other potential testers and move development forward faster

It's still in Beta and I hope to have a larger variety of video demonstrations moving forward but I'd love to hear what you think so far
or if there's any particular area of the project you'd like to hear about in more focused detail with another video.