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04-13-2014, 05:16 AM
Here is the first story of Felix an assassin, Norbert the healing mage, Albert the alchemist and his two pets (a bear and canary)

To start out the scene is painted like this:
The adventurers have previously met at the town nearest the temple, and were with a larger raiding party but many were lost on the journey including their leader a bard. In the night Fliasel attacked the camp at the base of his temple, leaving only the adventurers alive, but Fliasel was injured in the assault...

Albert was dazed with fire and bodies covering the ground in equal measure, he dropped to his knees rocking himself back and forth in a fetal position, Norbert was just standing there, while Felix rushed over to try to convince Albert is was alright but even felix's unemotional stance didnt get through to Albert and his acting wasnt enough but from the pocket of Alberts coat came the voice of his canary yelling at Albert that he needed to get inside before the smoke killed the canary and with that Albert's protection instincts towards animals kicked in and gaining some composer he ran into the temple one of the only things currently not on fire. The bear naturally followed Alberts motion and soon after Felix and Norbert followed their companion into the building as well.

As they approached the first room looking inside they see four goblins busy talking amongst themselves, apparently too busy to notice the onlookers, Albert hears that they are talking about some reagents that could potentially lead to some sort of resurrection spell or potion but they cant really see what the goblins have on them so they agree to let Felix use his skills to survey the situation as they had heard he had the skill to become an actual shadow.

Felix walked up to one of the outside walls and reaching out to the wall his body started being engulfed by it and replacing him was a silhouette of a man on the wall, he quickly moved into the room along the wall, thankfully it wasn't brightly lit and he had no trouble blending in. As he got around to the closest goblin though he spotted a coin purse on him, now Felix was a very greedy man and seeing this troubled him but with some self control he focused on the mission at hand and was able to get a good look at what each goblin was carrying.

The first who was closest to him had two daggers, another only was carrying some roots as reagents while the one in the middle had a handful of candles but also a magic blade, the last of these had two large candles, not sensing much threat Felix returned to the group outside the door to share with him what he found. upon giving this information Albert suggested a plan that would require him throwing potions while his bear protected him, Felix questioned Albert about how battle worthy the bear was and with Albert's prompting the bear let out a huge intimidating roar that not only was heard by the group but alerted the four goblins that something was outside the room.

With no time to spare they acted out Alberts plan with him running into the room throwing one of his explosive potions on the goblin who had the magic dagger while also hitting another. Felix moved his shadow across the wall to the left to flank another with throwing a spear out of the wall critically landing a blow to the goblins chest knocking him out, while Norbert sets up to cast a sleeping spell the bear came charging at the goblin closest to them and completely rips the goblin apart.

After the dust had settled, Albert goes to check on his bear, while Felix still mindful of the magical dagger goes over to try to remove it from the dead body without being noticed. sadly for him Albert turned his head towards him when it was lifting it and saw that he was taking an object from the dead body, Norbert thought nothing of it but Albert didnt buy into Felix's acting when he tried to shrug it off and quickly stopped what he was doing to go over and see what he was doing.

During all the commotion Albert's canary popped out of his jacket to fly around to see what was happening, during this time Felix knowing that he was caught in the act tried to quickly switch out the dagger with a normal one of his own, Albert and Norbert was not able to catch this action but the canary spotted the switch and ratted him out, at this point Felix just got bothered by the hassle and just turned it over to Norbert to inspect while he retrieved his spear from the other corpse. Norbert was able to detect some sort of magic that glows during emergencies to indicate when it could be used but otherwise his magical abilities could not discern what it actually did in those times, though whatever it was it didnt help out the last owner very well.

Each of the men readied themselves for the next room, Norbert giving back the dagger to Felix in the end and Albert making sure his pets were ok.

Thanks for reading, shockingly there are still quiet a few rooms to write about but due to the length I am going to save them for the next post, so stay tuned!