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02-19-2014, 06:01 PM
Hello, I've recently sent a message to Berserk Games detailing a (kinda long) list of improvements and suggestions of what to add to Tabletop Simulator and they asked me to post it in here. I'll copy all of the message as it were:

"Hello, I wanted to give back some feedback about the game and I wish to make some observations and recommendations.

Firstly, I have explored the some bit and the idea of playing table games with a physics engine seems like a promising and clever idea of playing casual boardgames in a digital experience. As of now I've been playing on a low end computer with settings on "Low" and a resolution of "1024x728"; also I have yet to try multiplayer because I'm on a computer with a low broadband connection so I'll withhold any observations until I get to my personal PC which is better equipped.

Let me go into it by bullets:

1. The like the idea of different game modes, but I think it should support and optional table mats for different playing sensations for each game mode (felt,wood, stone, etc.)

2. As only playing singleplayer (for now) I hoped to be able to play a game of chess with an AI, but the game lacks one. It'd be a good idea for it to have a different AI for each game mode so I can play by myself if I need to.

3. Picking up and moving objects is pretty fluid & easy, but placing them on a specific place is kinda hard and unintuitive when I can't look exactly where I'm placing it when the object itself gets in my path of vision and also the basis on which I must base myself to place an object is the mouse pointer instead of the object itself. I would recommend a transparency option for picking up objects and a silhouette-type place marker for a more accurate placing.

4. When playing competitively in games that involve more than two players it looks that you can place cards on edges; I have yet to try multiplayer and turn-based gaming, but since it just places the cards horizontally wouldn't it make it possible for the other players to see my hand once I flip it?
I believe it would be a good idea to not just place objects on the edges, but place them vertically so that only I could see them. It can also apply to all objects for different game modes such as Domino and Dices where a player to see his hand or games by himself is pretty important.

5. Vertical rotation; rotating an object on X axis and only flipping its Y proves too limited, giving the Y rotation (180 degrees rotation) on objects just like on X (45 degrees) could give more freedom in playing and stacking objects. (ex. stacking Dominos just for me to look at or stacking standing up them to make a chain fall).

6. There should be more Deck options than just "Deal" and "Reset Cards"; some recommended actions are: "Shuffle and Reshuffle for a # of times", "Number of Decks used", "# of Cards dealt to player", "Dealing placement (a user recorded dealing placement for games such as Blackjack, Three Card Poker, and any others that come to mind)", "Mix Decks", "Cut the Deck a # card". You know, things people can't do on the game.

7. I would like for Domino to have more than "6 numbered Chips" and have like "10, 12 and up to 15 numbered chips" to give more playing Domino options & chips. (Extra numbered domino playing is popular among my friends http://www.berserk-games.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif ).

8. Give more objects that could be used for playing such as Cups, Dealing Shoe, Rubber ball, Poker Themed 6 sided Dices (9, 10, J, Q, K), etc. There could be more but this could give games more versatility when playing (Try thinking cups & dices gameplay). Also you could try making an object creator and/or customizer.

9. Try different colored board types; red & black checkers and wooden chessboard are very good, but limited; and in low end PCs the black pieces end up being hidden very easily.

10. There should be a more identifiable way to use the notepad and keep track of scores/notes/plays. Also there should be a separate player notepad, a team notepad and a game notepad.

11. A make your own board/piece/object could prove beneficial to players creativity and being able to share your creations could take much load off the developers hands. This could prove to be more "download & add object type" (think Kerbal Space Program), but a webpage designed to do all of that could be pretty awesome.

I think I've covered most of my (hundreds) of ideas to make your game a much better experience; I'm really pumped up by what your game can become, and could be kinda (very) difficult and with some (much) stretching the goal mark, but with what have you done I'm confident you can perform and improve it much more.
You've got much more than halfway there, let's see how much farther you can go.


Pd. Before I forget two more points.

12. Give some "light" instructions for some games if needed, that or a link to a wiki guide elsewhere with general instructions & rules. (I don't know how to play Baccarat for my life!)

13. Instead of the actual "push" by using Shift to move and push everything, you should use a "grab & push" that the player can do by using Shift + Left Mouse Button for the player to get a hold of an object without raising it, but being able to grab and move it while pushing any other objects at the same level. Also pushing other objects should be done by making contact strictly like with the physics engine."

Please tell me of what do you think of these ideas if they would improve the game's experience.

02-19-2014, 06:44 PM
First off, thanks Luis for posting this we appreciate all constructive feedback.

Just to give you a better sense of our development studio, Berserk Games. The team consists of: me (programming & design), my girlfriend Kimiko (2d art, pr, and web design), and 2 contract workings one 3d artist (Henrik) & sound designer (Lawrence). Thanks to being so small we were able to come to Kickstarter asking for a relative small amount for a game (AAA studio couldn't even open shop for one day on that amount). Unfortunately that limits the scope of the project, so we have to focus on things we can do really well and leave other stuff behind. One of those sacrifices was AI.

Making AI working in environment where players can pick up and throw their piece across the table would be a hard challenge for even a big studio. Now imagine doing that for 15 different games - it's not on the roadmap http://www.berserk-games.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

Thanks to generous backers we are going to be able to add more great content and even let players import their own custom content. We'd love to have hundreds of different pieces of different objects, but it's more cost effective to make the tools for you guys to be able to make your own content!

Now to respond to some of your points directly, the first few I covered above so I skipped them.

3. When dropping an object it will fall exactly where the hand cursor is currently. Also if you are playing on anything higher than very low, objects will project a shadow showing exactly where they will land.
4. If cards are in your hand people cannot see what they are, they only see Jokers. This has been added to the tutorial for version 0.4 that should be coming out soon.
5. Still brainstorming how to do adding more rotation control without adding a stupid amount of hotkeys to perform each action.
6. This is something that we will expand upon for release, thanks for bringing it up.
7. This is possible it will depend how much demand there is for the higher numbered dominoes.
8. A lot of this stuff will be left to community but I could see a few of these making it in for release.
9. I'll test some more on lower settings and figure out a way to keep things visible on every setting.
10. Not a bad idea, at the very least I'd like to see a personal notepad.
11. We'd love to integrate with steam workshop, they have a great system for sharing mods, but we need you guys help to get on it! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=225493724
12. We are going to be adding rules for each game mode.
13. You can do that currently by holding an object and then holding right mouse button.

Hopefully that explained everything, thanks again for typing up such thorough feedback on our game!

02-20-2014, 01:54 AM
Hello Special K's http://www.berserk-games.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif
I suggest a Chess event. A Competition on Steam only for Steam players - Either a knock out or a ladder.
Not sure if a very small entry fee is allowed but if it was then a small prize to the winner and second place
( possible game key or signed photo of the Special K's ). The funds could go towards future game enhancements.
As the Chess would work in its current form without software changes. ie just players participation. Who knows even
a guest Grandmaster could hold a 1 day event open to play anyone at 1v1.

This kind of event might branch out into other games within the simulator later on. Once your fine product is active these kinds
of things might be what keeps a small river of funds in reserve for the costs of producing patches in the long future. Even some
top game reviewers might go head to head in a game. just ideas for you.