View Full Version : Salutations!

04-03-2016, 05:55 AM
Greeting every fellow Tabletop Simulator players and developers!
I only now realised I didn't introduce myself, so I thought to pass by and create a thread for presenting myself to the community.

What can I say? Well, first of all, I'm a young filmmaker who enjoys directing and shooting short films with a local town crew; aside from this, I really enjoy Anime/Manga/Japanese videogames, which I admire.
I love designing tabletop games - and TTS was the solution I was looking for -. I have some knowledge with Photoshop to create 2D assets for the various games (although I can't create textures), but I don't know nothing about 3D modeling nor coding.

At the moment, I only published a TTS mod on the Workshop: Valkyria Chronicles DUELS: Rewritten Chronicles (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=527735770), which pays a tribute to the Valkyria Chronicles saga. Although this isn't the only tabletop mod I created, there are several ones which I'm creating, the latest one being a tribute to the Kantai Collection and Warship Girls games: it is a strategical, action-based naval warfare tabletop mod. I guess it'd be better to talk of these games in another thread though... so, back in our steps!

I'm more like a Coop games player, but I enjoy developing PvP games as well too! I think... that's all for now. See you around the forums!