View Full Version : Knowledgebase Search field issue

07-10-2016, 06:34 PM
Time and again I go looking for a function I have a vague memory of previously seeing. I type the part I remember into the search field and it doesn't point me in the right direction, or sometimes even come up with anything. Today, I knew exactly what I was looking for and I typed it in and it still couldn't find it.

Example... type in 'getName' and it'll reference the Object page. Even with only 'getn', it will reference the API and Object pages. This is good.

Now type in 'call'. It references 5 different pages, but the Object page isn't one of them. For some reason you have to type in 'call('. The left parens isn't necessary for other function names. So I thought the other searches were maybe keying off descriptive text and not the function name. So I found another function name that only occurs once and isn't in the descriptive text at all. I tried 'setvar'... Bang! Points right at the Object page.

I have no idea.

Why can't a search for 'call' find the Object page?