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05-16-2014, 02:15 PM
Heyo! I'm Zamorak, and well I've neglected to actually introduce myself here. Figured I might as well xD

I'm an avid sandbox player and forum roleplayer. I'm twenty one, and currently in college majoring in creative writing. My dream is to become a famous author, however I have about sixteen certifications in web design, adobe, and microsoft offices to back myself up just in case. While web design and writing are my main things, I also love public speaking and acting (I've also been told I have a great narrators voice :D) I've been described as an all around out going and imaginative person, and I'll wear those titles proudly. I love people above all else, and I love talking and working around people.

I'm also very, very much into science. Mostly physics, although I dabble in biology from time to time. I love discovery, and I find the idea of new things fantastic. I'm also a huge fan of Carl Sagan, who I've quoted in my signature. I widely consider him to be my greatest role model, and next would be Neil Tyson.

If you like RTS games, DnD style roleplays (I make my own with my own mechanics, and mine are much more casual), Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, or chess, feel free to add me on skype or steam (Both of which are Zamorak789) and ask to play sometime.

Full list of owned and regularly played multiplayer games (In case you want to see what we have in common):
Tabletop Simulator (Chess and DnD, Magic on occasion) DUH!
Age of Empires 2 (With expansion)
Civilization V (With Brave New World)
Civilization IV (With Beyond the Sword)
Project Zomboid (The multiplayer was finally added :D)
Space Engineers
Company of Heroes
Arma II and OA (With DayZ: Breaking Point mod)