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08-28-2017, 03:58 AM
What I really need is a variable or setting for how long a message should be displayed. I use the messages for when things trigger in my mod and sometimes the text can be a little too long for the short amount of time the message is displayed. I just need a 1/2 sec longer sometimes. Maybe a


07-14-2018, 01:27 PM
I need this as well, because I run the game with only mobile devices, the TTS client connects to my server for json{message updates} updated by players with their mobile phones and I need a way to leave a broadcast message on screen until my server says to not display it any longer. One message I need on screen is "Everyone Roll Initiative" which we all do with physical dice and then in javascript (on the mobile client) we can sort the players and send it to the server that sends it to the TTS client. When the TTS client gets the flag that initiative order is received the message is shut off and the stage variable increments.

Currently if someone is not watching the television the message isn't noticed (not that we all don't know it's the Initiative phase IRL, but still; lol)

So a duration would work too. I'd just set it to 300 seconds to give time for all the real world rolls to be made, assigned, sent, get received, and the client gets the update and the broadcast shut off/prematurely expired.


Currently I'm spawning in a board on a 45 degree angle, setting the camera to look at it, and writing 3d text to align with the board [to convey a real world stage everyone needs to participate in] but a broadcastToAll(message, message_tint, duration) and a clearBroadcasts() would be optimal

07-14-2018, 02:05 PM
You can use a Text element from XML UI (https://api.tabletopsimulator.com/ui/basicelements/#text) with animation attributes (https://api.tabletopsimulator.com/ui/attributes/#animation-attributes) to basically make your own customized version of a broadcast.

07-14-2018, 02:22 PM
Hey, I apparently like to do everything the hard way. Thanks dzik