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  1. Just thought I'd update the situation, Steam...

    Just thought I'd update the situation, Steam reneged on their ridiculous ban so I am now able to edit/upload my content again. I still have to fight for the coins though which I may do at the start...
  2. TTS Loses More Content To Unlawful DMCA Claims

    This is basically a copy of a post I already made on the Steam Discussions page but it might not have a lot of longevity there so I'm also posting it here to enlighten on the situation many mod...
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    Scoobie's Scrolls | Unroll Your World™

    Hi guys, thought I'd share this here, a little scroll-y thing what I made off the top of my head.

    Definitely adds to the immersion of a campaign; a plot critical document or a sketch of a villain...
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    Calling All DMs!

    Attention fellow DMs!

    I run a D&D 5E community which is currently totalling 80+ members. We've got five campaigns on the go but we need more capable Dungeon Masters!. My community is tightly run...
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