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    Thanks! Good news on that front. The...


    Good news on that front. The tournament will be setup with four players at a set time and it's a one-off per round so spoofing that way won't work. We just want to be able to thwart four...
  2. I figured out something on this. My game uses two...

    I figured out something on this. My game uses two decks because it's a large deck of 136 cards. The cards you see in other players hands that have a white border are from the first deck. The cards...
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    Tournament Play Support?

    Hey everyone. We've got a game we're coming close to completing that is a themed version of a classic game with 120 million players worldwide (in other words it already has a large potential...
  4. Why are my cards showing this way? (Some with wrong border)

    I have a game I'm working on with cards (standard poker-size) that have a back with a white border around the edge. However, some random cards in players hands are showing some of the cards with...
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    Arranging Discards in Specific Order?

    Is it possible to create a script that, when someone discards a playing card to a specific area (each player has their own discard area) that the script knows how many cards are there and arranges...
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