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    Custom pawns with ammo, how to?

    i'm uploading in TTS one game that i'm making to try the betatest.

    I've already imported large parts of the minis and the first cards deck, but i'm having a bit of trouble with 3 kind of...
  2. [SOLVED] problem with custom figurines, too complex?

    i try to upload on TTS my boardgame to play inside it the beta matches, but when i try to upload the minis i'm having issues...

    the minis itself come incomplete, the strange things is that in...
  3. Hi there, trying to put my beta boardgame game here

    Hi all,
    i bought this simulator cause someone suggest me to use it to try to beta test my boardgame with this, i give a look and appear here i am :D

    Now i'm totally newbie here,...
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