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    Swords and Sorcery on TTS - Help?

    So I'm trying to play this sucker and I'm a bit lost. I'll just start with the first thing that I run into a lot of games on TTS.

    There are all these prepared decks around the map. I'm supposed to...
  2. How do you refer to global variables in an object script?

    I've been trying to change a figurine from one thing to another with a button press, and after 8 hours of trial and error, and trawling through all the documentation I can find I'm NO further.

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    Tips to resolve lag???

    I'm in the UK and trying to play games with someone in China. The lag starts out at about 1 second and seems to increase steadily until the game goes from almost unplayable to completely unbearable....
  4. Is there a way to edit the displayed text for certain UI functions???

    I'm filming a card game for youtube and we are using the saved camera function to switch the view quickly and cleanly on each player's turn. I like that it shows a bit of text letting the viewer know...
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