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    Feature Request: Better dice handling

    I'd also like to see the dice be more random and more precise...

    I'm thinking that when you drop dice, one of two things will happen: if you drop dice straight down, they will fall and the...
  2. Physics, setting down objects, precision placement

    I would expect that there'd be a grid in all the games, actually... there seems to be a grid in Go, but it only works sometimes... sometimes, the pieces end up sitting at an angle on the table, and I...
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    Suggestion: Standup cards

    I was trying to think of a quick and simple way to create figurines for RPG and other types of play, and I thought... why not add a game piece that's basically a card on a stand?

    I'm thinking...
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    So here's my concern...

    AutoDMC said
    I think TTS has one extra defense, though; the infringing content is not stored on their servers. I have to point to an Imgur image, or something of the like. DCMA would need to go...
  5. Physics, setting down objects, precision placement

    After playing some Backgammon and Go last night, my friend and I came up with a small list that really relates to the same thing - it's kind of hard to handle objects in the game with any sort of...
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    Generic money?

    I would like to see a "balance" for each player, rather than using paper money. In addition, there would be a bank or house balance that would be independent of any players.

    Players could...
  7. Card Drafting - Easy Card Stack Passing and Loading Into "Hand Dock"

    how about something like "pick n cards from the deck"?

    for example, I hover over a deck, type "10", then grab it with my mouse. The mouse picks up 10 cards, leaving the remainder of the deck...
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    Character Sheet Input

    I would like to see something more generic: rather than trying to reproduce various character sheets (some of which are Copyrighted), I would like to see a generic character sheet editor, perhaps...
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