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  1. Multi-byte character probrems between Atom and TTS

    I'm also reported on Steam forum. Developers says 1 probrems per 1 threads so I posted this thread.
    old thread is (listed some bugs):...
  2. The tooltips are rendered on root of UI elements....

    The tooltips are rendered on root of UI elements. So tooltips are only depends on object's position/rotation/scales even if elements has 'tooltip' with rotation/scale/Z coordinate changes.

    I want...
  3. Object custom UI is not interactable if pointer's X coordinate is nearly 0.

    While I'm making automate set-up for a game, I noticed some 'Custom UI' in game object is sometimes not intractable.
    I investigated this bug, and I found that:

    'Custom UI' in game object is...
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