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    Is this not relative to your scale+height...

    Is this not relative to your scale+height settings anyways? I thought it was, and they're not really supposed to be synced.
  2. Feedback: The 2 controllers need to be different from each other

    Great first iteration of VR support, guys. Here's my feedback.

    Besides the obvious to-do (making all tools work correctly, especially drawing; making highlights work; making context menus work),...
  3. [UPDATE] Really great update! Please implement card...

    Really great update! Please implement card peeking next :) it's the only core feature (besides better drawing tools) that I can think of that's still missing! Cheers!
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    [ADDED] [v8.1] Feature request: CARD PEEK

    How it works:
    Hold a hotkey and it will show you the underside of the card your cursor is hovering over without lifting the card.
    Underside of the topmost card if it's a card stack.

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