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Thread: Grid options of card decks are problematic

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    Grid options of card decks are problematic

    (note - I don't know if this is actually a bug or not, so feel free to move it where it belongs.)

    If I spawn in a deck of cards while the "Object Snapping" is on in the Grid options, then the deck will default snap to the grid(which for my particular game is unwanted). So if I right-click the deck and turn it off for the deck, then it's fine - for the moment. That is, until I decide to take cards from it. If I take cards from the deck now, then as independent cards, they don't snap to the grid - BUT, if I stack those separated cards with the Object Snapping on still in the Grid options menu, then it all of a sudden becomes a new object internally, like it was a new deck and the stack of cards I made now automatically snaps to the grid, even though the individual cards didn't before they were stacked. If you take cards from that newly made stack, now the individual cards of that stack are snapping to the grid, too. I've had this issue annoy some players in a few games where they take cards from the deck and their intention is to place one on top of the other where you can still see the top of the card underneath, and they accidentally stack together as a deck and then that accidental deck gets the grid snapping turned on for it. Then when they take it apart to try to re-stack it, they can't because now the grid has been turned on for those cards and they are snapping to an unmatched grid when they try to drop them back into place. So they now have to right click the cards, and turn it back off before they attempt to place them as intended again.

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    Sounds similar to an issue I'm having. Cards can have their physics changed individually, but they can't be saved or drawn from the deck that way.

    I suspect the deck is one object and drawing from it always spawns a brand new card with default properties. Feature or Bug? I'd say bug (from a user POV), as it seems odd to want to configure physics/snapping or other stuff for already drawn cards and have to keep doing it evertime you draw and not be able to provide that config as a persisted default. Maybe one for feature request though, deck configuration to include the default properties of all cards drawn from it?

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    Fixed in v5.0.2

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