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Thread: i.Imgur is blocked in TURKEY. Impossible to play Mods in Turkey

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    Exclamation i.Imgur is blocked in TURKEY. Impossible to play Mods in Turkey

    Hi mates,

    I really love the game you made and I know for a fact that Turkish people would love such a game as they love board and card games.
    This is probably an unusual and exceptional issue, yet it closes some of the Turkish market to your game.

    So what is the issue:

    I am living in the UK for most of time but I visit Turkey often. I realised that game is working perfect in the UK but no mods load in Turkey. I tried everything to make the game work as there are lots of information for fixing the WWW ERROR: 404 not found error. Non of them work. Then I clicked on by mistake and realised that IS BANNED IN TURKEY. When you enter the website from Turkey, you get this message :

    Bu Siteye Erişim Mahkeme Kararı İle Engellenmiştir!!!

    Translates as "Access to this website is banned due to a Court Ruling."

    Later on (after sending this post, before the first large edit) I researched a little bit more and learnt that the issue is rather related with UYDUNET, one of the smaller internet providers in Turkey. They for some reason banned However, it is POSSIBLE to connect to on my 3g mobile internet and probably from other service providers. So the issue seems like related only with UYDUNET users. Probably because Imgur was banned in Turkey some time ago, and UYDUNET `forgot` to remove the ban despite the court decision is overturned or expired... (What a lovely country I am from... )

    So you may want to put a warning for those who use UYDUNET in Turkey. They wont be able to use any game mods without going around this awkward ban imposed singularly by the ISP.


    I do have some suggestions as well. I think first of all a different server can be used along side

    Secondly, a special proxy setting can be made so that UYDUNET users (or all users) can use a proxy server to connect to

    Thirdly, if there is any other ways to download and use mods without reaching, a clear guidance on how to do it should be made. I Wouldnt mind helping you translating it to Turkish.

    I am ready to devote my full support on this issue, so please do not hesitate to ask me to try anything.
    Last edited by Ebulbunny; 06-21-2015 at 05:40 AM. Reason: Issue is not Turkey-wide, just for UYDUNET ISP users. Sorry for the title that became misleading later on.

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