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Thread: [v9.0] 64-bit version?

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    Question [v9.0] 64-bit version?

    I've learned from several different posts that this is a 32-bit program, and because of it, it's usage of RAM is limited to only 3 GB. However there are many people that run 64-bit systems, with 8 or more GB of RAM. It'd be great to be able to get a 64-bit version of TTS, so that the program can be able to utilize more RAM and possibly have less crashes that have been due to this limitation. So would this be a possibility at some point?

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    +1 I have 16GB of RAM so this would be awesome! I didn't know this game was actually 32 bit. All this time I have been using 3.5 GB... :|
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    +1, 8 GIG of Ram even on my tablet (Surface Pro)

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    +1 10 gb Ram here

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    +1 here. 16GB for me. This is only going to get more important in the long run too.

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