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Thread: Expanding on Snap points

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    Lightbulb Expanding on Snap points

    So the brand new snap points are very awesome ! But they could be even better ! Here's some suggestions on how to add functionalities to make them perfect:

    1. Being able to use the grid to place snap points in a proper line.
      Because aligning snap points right now is a real pain.
      a. This kinda ties into having better grids. More specifically, grids that don't go under boards and grids that you can actually move around.
    2. Changing the "gravity" of a snap points.
      Ideally it'd be nice to choose how far a snap point... snaps. This could be done by scrolling when mousing over a point. The point itself would change size and maybe even show an area for where objects will snap. (this area idea would be nice regardless so we don't overlap snap points).
    3. Naming snap points.
      Right clicking on a point in point edit mode would let you name a point like any in-game object. Named points would have show their names when the mouse hovers over the zone where it snaps. This would be super useful for any game that uses zones on boards, and even for showing players where they should place a deck after shuffling it and stuff like that.

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    Very good ideas! 1 and 2 are musts, 3 is very nice to have!

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    +1 from me for all 3

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    I figured I would just add my suggestions to your thread instead of starting my own. Along with your first suggestion, I think they should implement a tool where you can draw a simple square/rectangle/circle and it places the snap point directly in the center. You can then copy/paste the shape and move it anywhere. This would be an easy way to add centered snap points on a board where a card pile or token would go. This tool could also help with your second suggestion as after you place it, you can resize the shape to become the distance at which something will snap to it.

    Also it would be nice if snap points stayed on cards when they are placed back in the deck. As it is now, you can lock a card and put a snap point on it that will stay even if you unlock it and move it but once it is put back in the deck it loses the snap point.

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    Yes I totally second that. That last bit is very specific, but I agree that it should work like that tho.

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