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Thread: [v6.9] Player hand improvements

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    [v6.9] Player hand improvements

    There's a couple of improvements i'd like to suggest to your hands in TTS:

    1. Making the hands wider when needed. Sometimes our hands have too many cards and it can be kinda hard to see the cards properly. We CAN use the alt tool to zoom, but it'd be nice if we didn't have to.
    2. Spacing out cards better. Ideally I think a system like what Hearthstone does where it lifts up the card hovered over is best.
    3. This suggestion
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    We changed it so your new Hand Zones can be made wider in our last update. This is only in the beta branch until we make the full switch over to Unity 5 (soon!).

    I'm marking this as added. Please make a new thread for the other suggestion (if there isn't one already). Thanks!

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    Wow I can't believe you still had the link for this post. It's been 9 months! Good on you ! Makes me happy to know the feedback's taken seriously and noted down. I'll try to post the other suggestion again. Also very happy to finally see this feature

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    Can you explain the wider hand zones in more detail? Is this feature in version 7 now that your on Unity 5, or is it still in beta? I can make a hand zone as wide as I like it seems, but the cards are still about half on top of each other. I'd like to see each card side by side without overlap, or an optional slider-thing to state how much overlap there is. Is this what this feature is about, or something else?

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