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Thread: A Questions regarding adapting original content.

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    A Questions regarding adapting original content.

    I just became a backer even if I cant do what I'm hoping to do

    I think your idea is fantastic and deserves to succeed.

    That being said, I have a question...somewhere down below after a bunch of background.

    I built an Axis & Allies clone years ago in college.

    The web site for it is here

    I expanded on the original idea with a massive map (3' x 7') 332 territories, collected thousands of pieces off eBay from existing games including Fortress America and a few other discontinued Hasbro Inc. games, and stretched the rules to include a tech tree so I could simulate World War I, II & III.

    Over the years I've tried at various times to bring it to production, convert it to a p.c. or console game, etc. with little luck.

    It's too big for anyone to want to produce physically, and I've never had the time to sit down and code it myself even though I have a rudimentary background in programming (well I did 20 years ago...).

    However when I ran across your sandbox I sort of had an "AH HA!" moment.

    I might finally have the tools to bring this to life as I had always envisioned it.

    OK, finally the question.

    Is your simulator capable of handling something of this size and scope?

    2 to 5 players, large map, 30 or so unique pieces in 5 colors? Dice rolling?

    I'm dying to get my hands on this and attempt a port.

    Thanks for putting it together, although my wife may get a bit pissed when she sees me digging out the prototype again...


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    A Questions regarding adapting original content.

    How cool it reminds me of the war game conventions I used to attend a long time ago, very addictive tbh

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    A Questions regarding adapting original content.

    Cool project Hinge!

    The max in a current game is 8 people and we have no limit right now with the amount of objects you can spawn (that's limited by your bandwidth). With the custom content support I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use our game for your project. Best of luck!

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