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    TTS Newbie

    I'm new here, welcome me!

    At this point I'm in the evaluation phase as to whether or not TTS would suit my needs (I have an entrepreneurial streak), but it looks very promising.

    My background is diverse, covering game creation (From RPG's to computer simulation to casino games and side bets), 3D animation and asset creation, digital music production, application development, and intellectual property issues. I'm currently employed in the gaming industry at a casino.

    Oh yeah, and in my spare time I paint. Mostly on canvas but occasionally still on metal and/or plastic miniatures.

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    Welcome ScottyZ! How do you like working in a casino?

    If you have any questions regarding TTS, let us know.

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    Well... it certainly has it's ups and downs. You get to learn a lot about people, some of it you wish you didn't have to know. Probably the most significant thing is I used to be all about the math. I would write combat simulation code to test game (not casino games) balance and when it came to gambling I was all about evaluating the odds of a game or a particular play, but as time has worn on I've become more interested in the psychology of the games. Some games are especially brutal in the way they get inside a players head. People make decisions that are not at all in their best interest. I've found I can leverage that psychological aspect in board games, or other non-gambling games (I'm a big fan of miniature wargaming and would like to see how well TTS will meet those needs).

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    Hey ScottyZ, welcome to the community from a fellow game industry guy (I'm a 3d artist/designer for a company that makes miniature wargames). It's interesting to read what you say about the interplay of maths & psychology in gaming, especially in the gambling industry... I got a little exposure to that growing up as one of my parents was an investigator in gambling control law enforcement (in particular, making sure casinos stayed on the straight-and-narrow, lol). If you do decide to get creative/entrepreneurial with TTS, I'll look forward to trying out your mods!

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    I have no idea how successful this idea will be.

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