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Thread: Update v5.3 Security Improvements, Touch Support, & Tablets for Mac users!

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    Update v5.3 Security Improvements, Touch Support, & Tablets for Mac users!

    Due to recent events with DDoSer’s, we’ve had to take certain measures to improve our security and add blacklisting support. Thanks for your patience during this time while we got everything in place and our apologies to those players who were affected. If you encounter any issues in the future, please send us a message.

    Now to some positive things we’ve added. We’re happy to announce that we have Tablet support for Mac users! You guys waited a long time and it’s finally here. Linux users - we don’t quite have it ready for you yet, but it’s in the works! We also have an early (beta) version of Touch support for Windows 7 and 8. Try it out and post your feedback on our forums. There are a lot of great improvements in this update overall, so hope you enjoy and it makes your game play even more fun!

    Security Improvements:
    Overall security improvements.
    Blacklist support for people DDoSing.
    Server browser now unaccessible for pirates.

    Tablet on Mac:
    Tablet now works on Mac just like on Windows.
    We are still working on porting the tablet over to Linux so all platforms can enjoy it.

    Touch Support Added:
    Beta version of touch support has been added for Windows 7 and 8 (10 might work).
    You must enable touch in the configuration menu as it is disabled by default.
    Double tap will flip an object.
    Long press will select an object and bring up the contextual menu.
    Tap will zoom an object to make it easier to see.
    Pinch to zoom will control the camera distance.
    Rotate gesture will rotate the camera and rotate the object.
    Not all hand modes are functioning properly.

    Dice Improvements:
    Rotate 'Q' and 'E' now increases or decreases the value of any dice (right = increase, left = decrease).
    Flip 'F' will increase the value on the dice just like rotate right.
    You cannot rotate the dice while holding them (to avoid people gaming rolls).
    This also works on all selected dice if you need to make changes to a group.
    You can still directly set the value of a dice by mousing over and typing the number.
    Mousing over a dice will now tell you its value as a tooltip.
    Custom models assumes it’s a d6; use the new custom dice templates if you want this to work with other custom dice.

    Added some blue question marks to certain menus that help explain what they do (more coming).
    Added pan camera to the controller help menu.
    Added a screen darkening effect when the '?' help menu is open to make it easier to read.
    Fixed some menus not being closed with 'Escape'.

    Contextual deck actions will now work on selected decks (deal, cut, etc.).
    Added a slight camera shake when flipping the table.
    Held objects will now be highlighted based on the color that is moving them.
    2d pointer now hides when you are alt zooming on an object to avoid blocking anything.
    Greatly improved the image quality for custom: boards, figurines, dice, and tables.
    Selected stack/deck objects will now grab the stack instantly without delay.
    Added a slight pulsing motion to color selection spheres to draw attention to them.
    Increased the size of snap points to make them easier to click on.
    If a save has empty rules it will properly clear our previous rules.

    Fixed game crash when closing the game using the 'X' button.
    Fixed objects clipping into the others for a split second when picking them up.
    Fixed F7 kicking the last person connected to the server (woops!).
    Fixed non-convex custom model collider not properly working for clients.
    Fixed the proxy server allowing more connections than the max player amount.
    Fixed group incorrectly firing when pressing 'G' in a input field.
    Fixed a bug with the number of objects you can hold at once not resetting properly.
    Fixed potential port issue when trying to start single player or the tutorial.
    Fixed some very slight table height variations.

    Stay up to date on development by following us on Twitter and Facebook!

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    scanning the text...
    Custom bags... Custom bags... Custom bags... rats, we'll get 'em next time =)

    Glad you've taken steps to end DDoSing. While it never happened to me, it could have happened to me and now it seems that it will be less likely in the future.

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    Just released a hotfix:
    Touch is now default disabled due to strange issues conflicts with mouse input

    If you are seeing blue circle when not using touch make sure to restart steam and get the latest version.

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    This is great stuff, it really is, and I know that things like keeping DDoSers out of servers is a priority to resolve. I've been watching the updates, month-after-month, since TTS first launched on Early Access... an important feature (imo) I've requested several times has, to-date, remained unacknowledged by the Dev team. I've followed all the proper channels to request features, and I ask maybe 2 or 3 times per year because I want to be polite and patient. If you'd kindly go to your Feature & Improvement Reddit, and sort by "Best", you will see that it is the #3 most-upvoted feature. It is called "Custom, Per-Mod "Saved Objects Chest". Your solution need not match mine exactly, but please have a read through sometime as the component storage options for TTS mods needs sorely to be addressed in order to support larger game systems. I'm making a mod right now that I, frankly, don't see a way to make work with what is currently available. Even if I sort all the (literally hundreds of unique) components out into categorized loot bags, the largest table in TTS is going to be an absolute *sea* of multi-coloured loot bags. It's going to look atrocious and most importantly, it's going to be inefficient and create staggering amounts of clutter in which finding the correct component is challenging. It's all so unnecessary. With a proper component storage system/library (as described in my feature request), it'd be a breeze to pull items onto the board only as necessary to setup for a given game scenario - just like one would do while playing said game *in real life*. This is the one thing I hunt for in the patch notes each month. If there is a strong reason you do not wish to support such a feature and that is the reason it keeps being passed over, please say so. Thanks.

    Update: Looking again at the "Feature & Improvement Reddit", the #1 (sorted by Best) was implemented two months ago, which really makes this the #2 request (right behind support of custom table models).
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    Hey jTenebrous - just letting you know that we DO read everything and keep track of things. Not everything can be implemented, even if it's the most requested feature on the list. Until recently it was just the two of us and we have now hired a new programmer to help speed things along. Something like this takes a bit more work and we want to re-work the sorting for Workshop and Saved Objects as it is. So there's no promise that something like this will be implemented, but we never rule anything out. We have something similar on our to do list, so we'll see what we can come up with. It's not a quick process though, but you can see over time we have implemented a ton of features the community has wanted, so stay tuned. If we just can't do it outright, then we'll be sure to post about it. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimiko View Post
    Hey jTenebrous...
    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I didn't want to come across as demanding or anything, because I know from firsthand experience what it's like to have an eager customer base and limited time/resources to build/implement things. Your acknowledgement is enough for now (and I'm still constructing mods either way). I think you've done amazing things with TTS (it's the kind of product I've dreamt of having available for many years), and the improvements I've seen and response to user requests in general, since the beginning of early access, has been excellent. I occasionally load up programs like VASSAL still and think to myself how much more attractive and immersive TTS is, and look forward to the day (not far off) that TTS surpasses it in every way. Congrats on growing to a 3rd dev, and keep up the good work. Thanks!

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