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Thread: [v5.9] Multiple Colors for GM's Drawing Tool

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    [v5.9] Multiple Colors for GM's Drawing Tool

    Hello Folks,

    I humbly request what would hopefully be a pretty simple addition to the current Game Master seat. Could the Game Master please get a radial color-choice menu when they select the Paint tool? I understand the logic behind color-coding the Paint tool based on player seats, but I think the rationale fails to extend to the Game Master dynamic. Most GM's will need to use drawing tools to play on the fly, and only using a black color can look pretty drab and get confusing. I know there are users who want color options, because I see mods like this:

    Maybe I am just bad at searching forums, but the only reference I found to this feature was made (rather bluntly) by kato42 in

    Please promote this suggestion if you'd rather use TTS to play RPGs than use TTS to simulate tablets on which you play RPGs.

    Biped Prancer

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    We added multiple colors to the Vector Drawing Tool in Update v5.9, thanks!

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