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Thread: fine/precision height adjust?

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    fine/precision height adjust?

    The best example I can think of to properly demonstrate the problem with current object placement is trying to place a figurine in a multi story building.

    The auto raise feature (while brilliant for every other type of object interaction) makes it difficult to place the figure anywhere but the very top of the building object. It is somewhat possible to hold tap and slide the figure onto the bottom floor but placing a figure anywhere between is extremely challenging (or not possible at all)

    I'm not really sure what best solution/workaround could be.. Perhaps key bindings for precision raise/precision lower? (As opposed to the very sudden change in height that the raise/lower keys currently offer). Or perhaps a key modifier to allow the mouse wheel to scroll the height up / down? while also temporarily suppressing the auto raise functionality? Or maybe some kind of alternative mode to the auto raise that recognises the shapes/structure of an object and would allow you to snap to different levels instead of just the very top

    My apologies for the unclear post, I haven't spent enough time thinking about solutions but having something that would allow more delicate horizontal object placement would make playing so many more games possible
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    We added the new Gizmo Tool in our latest update v6.0 which will allow you to fine tune the movement and rotation of objects. So this will make placement much easier for you. Thanks!

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