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Thread: The "End turn"-button stops working for some players

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    The "End turn"-button stops working for some players

    Sometimes when playing with the "Turns" turned on, some player starts out being able to use the "end turn"-button, but then, without any clear reason, can't press it. That is, pressing the button does nothing. Having the host end the turn for him/her works, but the next turn the button still does not work.

    This bug has only happened to people who are not currently hosting and I've seen it happen 8-9 times (so it *could* just be random that it was never the host having the issue).

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    I haven't heard anyone else having this issue, so we'll have to see if more people post about it as of now it's not something we're able to replicate. Thanks.

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    I've had this issue in the past, though I haven't experienced it in a while. Maybe it's fixed?
    If not, my guess would be that it's something to do with the connection between the client and the server that causes it.

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    I have seen this issue happen several times, however like the OP said - it happens with no clear reason as to why.

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    I had this happen to me twice today. both in games I was hosting. It doesn't happen right away, only after probably 20 minutes or so of play. I don't know if it has anything to do with it but both players this happened to were playing as the red color.

    Both times it was also after switching the game with turns turned on, and having to turn turns on and off to reset the turns going again.

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