I'd like to see a permanent "Transfer" folder added into the Saved Objects file structure that always sits at the top of the other files and folders.

Anything in any of the standard Saved object folders (but not the folders themselves) can be copied into this "Transfer" folder with the same drag and drop mechanism we use now to move files around but importantly it creates only a copy in the transfer folder with this action leaving the original file unmoved. This same Transfer folder should also be able to accept Custom Background and Tabletop images as well.

This transfer folder can be opened examined and edited in the normal manner with the one difference being the single (import all folder contents to table function) is disabled.

So now when you take your current table top setup and upload it to the workshop the contents of this transfer folder are also copied to another Transfer folder within your new upload that itself sits permanently at the top of that particular mods list of files.

Then by having this second transfer folder be exempt from the import all button that dumps the entire contents of the mod back to the tabletop you will have created a small mobile Saved objects folder for all the things you want the users of your mod to have access to without the mither of dumping the whole lot out in one big dollop on the table.

The game you saved with the upload would appear as normal when imported by a subscriber and the import action automatically shifts the contents of the mods transfer folder to your own saved Objects transfer folder ready for you to use the contents of in the game or copy the contents out of to your own saved objects folders in the reverse of the method first described..

I don't know how practical this idea is or whether I've expressed clearly enough its function but it feels like a really useful tool to have available .

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.