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Thread: Update v5.6 New Vector Drawing Tool, Updated Contextual Menu, & Jigsaw Improvements

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    Update v5.6 New Vector Drawing Tool, Updated Contextual Menu, & Jigsaw Improvements

    With the additions of many new features and hotkeys, the contextual menu was starting to get cluttered, so we decided to redo it! It’s now cleaner, easier to manage and look at, and something a lot of you would be more familiar with. We can also easily add more features to it.

    You guys have wanted a better drawing tool, and not only have we done that, we’ve given you the option to choose which one you’d like to use! We’ve added in a Vector drawing tool, with precise lines AND you can actually use the Vector tool to draw on objects! So you can now choose between the old “Pixel” or new “Vector” drawing tools. Please note that the Vector tool is in beta, so there will be improvements and may be some things we’ll add to it in the future.

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    Vector Drawing Tool

    • Vector tool gives clean and precise lines.
    • You can draw on any locked object (not 100% perfect).
    • You have the option to use either the Pixel or Vector tool.
    • Each drawing tool has its own set of options.

    Jigsaw Puzzle Improvements

    • Added two additional difficulty levels (180 and 320 pieces).
    • Puzzle pieces now auto flip to the correct side when picked up.
    • Fixed issue where puzzle colliders stopped working for clients.
    • Fixed issue with auto raise not properly working on puzzle pieces.
    • All 3 difficulty levels can be chosen when you input the URL.
    • There are still more improvements & features to come.

    UI Improvements

    • Contextual menu has been revamped with a cleaner look, is more user friendly, and more manageable.
    • Additional options has been added to the menu for ease of use.
    • Tooltips added to show what the hotkey is for each option (if applicable).
    • Tooltips added for various other options (non-contextual).
    • There are still some parts of the old menu in some areas.

    Hidden Area Improvements

    • Added option to reverse hiding (e.g. everyone can see except this person).
    • Added a transparent option that allows you to make hidden areas not see-through.

    Chest Improvements

    • Improved drag and drop spawning accuracy.
    • Fixed 3D objects extending beyond UI window in the Chest.
    • Fixed promoted players not playing the spawn object sound.
    • Objects spawned from the chest now snap to the grid.

    Stacking Improvements

    • Stacking objects are now much easier.
    • Box select a bunch of objects and any object placed over another will automatically stack them all.
    • You don’t need to aim with the object you actually grabbed when holding multiple.
    • This makes the loot bag more useful and easier to manage, as all items will be dropped in automatically.
    • This applies to cards, poker chips, loot bags and go bowls.


    • Optimized a bunch of the game’s base code for reduced cpu usage.
    • Greatly reduced the games garbage generation to reduce fps spikes.
    • Optimized saving and loading, so they now run much smoother and faster.

    General Improvements

    • You can now pan the camera with middle mouse button.
    • Saved camera positions will now load to the correct position and orientation.
    • Camera will remember if you are in 1st person when resetting the view.
    • Increased the max number of pieces you can grab at once from 26 to 32.
    • Adjusted the camera speed so it’s now based on the distance to the table.
    • Contextual menu updated for Touch screen.
    • Box selecting multiple objects will stay selected until clicking another object or area.
    • Added new 2d pointer when using the Tablet.


    • Fixed the server browser breaking when refreshing it too fast.
    • Grid snapping not working at position zero.
    • Fixed issue with late joining players not properly seeing who is on a team.
    • When removing an object below another in semi-lock, the top object will no longer float in the air.
    • Pressing ESC in the keybind menu no longer closes the menu.
    • Fixed collision issue with duplicate tokens that are not default size.
    • Fixed issues with late joining players for Custom Dice and Custom Token.
    • Fixed hover highlight is not working properly with for 3d UI.
    • Fixed mouse frame rate independent camera.
    • Fixed having to press ‘R’ twice in semi-lock mode to flick up objects.

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    Loot bag....... TWO HITS!

    This makes the loot bag more useful and easier to manage, as all items will be dropped in automatically.
    This applies to cards, poker chips, loot bags and go bowls.

    Regardless, this is a great update! Vector lines should be a great addition to a lot of people. UI improvements look really nice and the icons make sense. Can't wait to give it a proper look!

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    This is damn cool, as always, BUT PLEASE do some tutorials on the JOINT tool. I really want to build some kind of maneuver dial and it is so hard or me to understand even the basics of JOINTs. There are 3 diferent kinds of joints and all kinds of settings, I really don't get it.

    Even when looking at something as "simple" as this object I can't build it myself. Please please please do an in-depth video because this should allow to build such cool stuff :/

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    Basically I want to build some kind of DIAL ... like this one: dial.jpg

    Is this possible with the JOINT tool? It should be two round things joint exactly in the middle. If I try this with two poker chips they are joint in very strange places, the top one doesn't rotate over the bottom one.

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    Yep I reckon that's possible. But because of the torque that will transfer to the base piece as you turn the top you will probably have to lock the bottom object down to make it work the way you want.

    I had a similar issue when putting together these doors that you can swing open and closed in there frames.

    If you get really stuck with this I'm willing to give a hand time zones allowing
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    Just released a hotfix, let us know if you run into any more issues!

    Hotfix v5.6.1
    Fixed issues load and saving hidden zones
    Fixed issues with joining a game late with hidden zones
    Fixed description field in contextual menu limiting note card text
    Fixed potential keybind issue with vector line left mouse button

    Temporarily disabled the vector lines being attached to objects to avoid some bugs
    You can still draw on the surface of locked objects the points just wont move

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