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Thread: Bizarre ConnectionFailed Issues

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    Bizarre ConnectionFailed Issues

    My friends and I host and play on a server regularly with no problems. Yesterday, we got the game for a new friend.

    First, the new friend:
    * Could not connect to Master Server (error message on title screen)
    * Could not see any games in the browser

    So to try and fix it we:
    * Verified Game Cache
    * Disabled Antivirus & Firewall
    * Ran TT simulator as Admin
    * Uninstalled/Reinstalled TT simulator and Steam
    * Uninstalled Hamachi
    * Changed/Disabed proxy and NAT on the server.
    * Port forwarded 11155 TCP/UDP
    * Port forwarded 50000-65000 UDP
    * Changed to a static IP address
    * Enabled DMZ
    * Updated Network/Graphics Drivers
    * Closed all other background processes

    And restated the client/computer/router after nearly every potential solution.

    After a couple restarts the message "Garbage in Workshop Query" began flooding the log when starting the game in addition to not connecting to the master server.

    Then, a day later (and after the most recent update) feeling like we had no other options left, reinstalled Hamachi and made a virtual network.
    Afterward, they could see my server in the game as LAN and Friend, but only my server, and no longer received the "Could not connect to Master Server" message.

    Instead, when trying to connect to my server they receive "Failed to connect: ConnectionFailed" message regardless of connection method (direct, LAN, etc.,) and whether antivirus and firewall are enabled.

    The most bothersome things are that:
    * They don't have connection problems to our player-hosted servers in other games e.g., "Don't Starve".
    * They can traceroute and Load
    * There is a sibling in the same house that can connect and play perfectly fine. The sibling is wired, the problem friend is wireless).

    I am completely out of ideas, do you guys have any clue what is going on or what to fix?
    Thank you for your time and consideration

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    I bought this game today and I have exactly same issue with you
    Server list doesn't appear and it says "failed to connect to master server" over and over
    I have tried all of things on google but it was no use

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    What computer does he have out of curiosity? What are the specifications?

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