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Thread: PDF viewer. Merged Threads

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    PDF viewer. Merged Threads

    I feel one of the Simulators current weaknesses is the limited tools it has at its disposal to bring a games rules and other associated literature onto the tabletop.

    A simple thin bezel, no frills PDF viewer much like the current tablet which can be set to either a Portrait or landscape mode for viewing and can be loaded with a single PDF document during its spawning/creation would be an invaluable asset to an awful lot of games at the moment.

    Currently the options available are to use Google Doc's or an equivalent on the Tablet which does not seem to support a portrait mode nor are you able to remove the search bar and other superfluous clutter from its display (That I'm aware of). Plus at the moment I've got the entirety of a Mod I'm doing in my Public folder on Dropbox with the exception of its rules which I'm forced to access and maintain from elsewhere, which whilst only a small thing is pain all the same.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post
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    YES! This would be great for rulebooks, or even small rules references.

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    A yes please from me as well

    On a similar line, I was thinking about a 'tabbed' board that could hold several images of charts.
    You would select a tab to display the chart you need at any time, rather than having loads of static boards all over the table.

    Another way of displaying important docs in game.

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    Yep that's another good one.. I'd vote for something like that as well. The way we're doing it now could definitely stand some improvements.

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    Counters and Notebooks

    Hey Guys, I think some sort of hp counters would be good and also notebook/rulebook feature that supports pdf. Really just one sheet of paper that you can cycle through the pages? Hope you like the idea

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    there are digital counters that you can use as HP counters in the Misc section of the Chest. +1 for the PDF rulebook support tho... even though it's been suggested numerous times...

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    It is a bit odd that there's no official PDF rulebook support yet. I can't imagine it would be that difficult to support given that we already have notecards and the like. It would make games like Betrayal a hell of a lot easier whose rulebooks are too large to work in Steam's overlay browser requiring lots of alt-tabbing.
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    Its a request that keeps on popping up. My own thread on it is just a page back.

    I'm looking at a game now that has one main rulebook and two expansion books with 100 odd pages of rules and scenario missions, I've got full colour PDF versions ready to go. Just no good way to bring them to the table

    The Tablet just isn't set up for this kind of doesn't have a portrait mode for a start.

    I'd advocate the most basic of viewer possible no frilly surrounds or fancy options just a creation mechanism where you can enter A PDF just like you enter a custom jpg to a model now. so each PDF viewer when imported is a little book all of its own. ideally edge to edge viewing and make it jointable to other objects for those that want to make it look like a book or a computer screen or whatever takes their fancy.

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    PDF-s are great because they can be bookmarked, which is essential if you want to manage an RPG rulebook on the fly. Most of my rulebooks ar in pdf format. If you could solve the PDF import than this would also solve the charactersheet problem for RPG players. I think this is the 2 main feature that TTS needs: PDF support and editable character sheets. Please let us know if there are chances/plans/ or dedicated dates when something like this could happen...

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    PDF Reader, Floor, outline colours and Dice Customisation

    So having used this fantastic program for a day or so now - my Print N Play game has so many resources now loaded in. It's a little tragic that it looks better digtially then in real life when 90% of the assets are the same!

    What I have found the need for most are the follow:

    - PDF Reader - I don't want to use the tablet for this. It would be good if we could have a book or something that would be a rulebook, click on that and it works the same way as the tablet but to a direct PDF so you can't mess around browsing ( and also have it in portrait style ).

    - Floor - I would love a solid floor.

    - Outline Colours - I would like to change the outline of obects and even in some cases have the option for "no outline" to appear.

    - Dice Customisation - I have modified my dice - but they could be better. When the dice have the "hand of God" hovering above them, it can say for example "D5". To me, it's not a D5 and it's a "Green" side. I'd like to be able to disable or modify the reponses for that die.

    Thank you!

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    Good point about dice sides.

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    Hey Zombie57 Welcome to the community

    Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the Forum rules if you could,

    Its best if you only post one suggestion per thread rather than grouping them together as it makes it easier for the developers to keep track of things and always do a quick search before you post to see if your idea has been suggested before as its better to add your vote to a pre existing thread than start a new one afresh

    Thank you

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    Thank you.

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    Would it be possible to add a pdf to a mod?

    I really love the program, but the current method of adding rules to a mod is kind of awkward. Especially if you want to add a set of rules with pictures associated. Tabletopia has already made this possible, but Tabletop Simulator is far superior in almost every other way.

    Attaching pdf's for rules would make the program so much easier to use. Please consider this, Berzerk Games!!!!

    Many thanks.

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    Some people host the PDF on Google Drive, and then you can use the Share link to view it on the in-game Tablet device:


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    Then would it be possible to move the tablet function to the rules area instead of putting it on the game board where it takes up valuable table space?

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    I've merged all the obvious request for PDF support into One place to keep things better organised

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    Just wanted to add my support to this.. a in game PDF "tool" object should be high on the list of features that need top be added to this app!
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    Bump. Portrait mode would be nice. All of the other mentioned features would be nifty as well.

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