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Thread: TTS Mod Backup tool

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    Here is a problem I am having I am using the Backup feature and not using the Add Workshop ID option to the file name, and there are a few mods on the Workshop with the Same Name.

    What the program wants to do is overwrite the second one unless I tell it to save with different name, this is fine if I am only doing a backup of a few files but when you are doing say a few hundred this can get annoying.

    Is there a way you could add a feature where it would say Add the Workshop ID for the second one with the Same Name so you wouldn't have to do it manually?

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    I tried to open and its asking for location of

    Tabletop Simulator.exe ?

    When I search this on my PC, I can see the file heirarchy, but when I try to navigate to that, there is no AppData folder to go through to get to the rest.

    When I select the TTS deckstop shortcut I get 'catastrophic failure' error

    A little help please

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    [drive]:\[steam install dir]\steamapps\common\Tabletop Simulator\
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorcerer View Post
    there are a few mods on the Workshop with the Same Name
    This is a good reason to remove the option and always to add the workshop ID to the name, IMO.

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    @Corrodias Yeah that would work too, I had used that when I first started using TTS Mod Backup but some how it got unchecked and I had a Bunch of double backups. So I left it unchecked and had to manually delete all the doubles.

    I like your Idea of removing the one Option and just making it where it always adds the Workshop ID to the name.

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    thanks @tragic that worked

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