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Thread: TTS Mod Backup tool

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    unfortunately since i updated kaspersky today, it deletes all tts modbackup tool versions and says its a virus. doesnt matter if its 2.0.10 or 2.0.9. before the kaspersky update it never did that. this is so annoying..
    so just in case if you (froghut) plan on continuing this tool, recently antivirus software give alarm and auto-delete them (at least kaspersky does since todays update)

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    Hey awesome,

    thanks TRIBALien and Sorcerer.

    This works for now!

    And for the antivirus problem you maybe can create some exclusion rule inside the program?
    I only use windows defender. So i dont know.

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    well i trusted the tool because until today there was never an alert by kaspersky. but thats probably because i used the tool since a long time and the inbuilt updater always updated the tool. so kasperky probably still said "the tool is safe". i made a new viruscheck and its a bit heavy when 17 of 71 antivir software say its not safe. fun thing is, almost all alerts say the same results, that it is a spying trojan.

    i really love this tool but i think the developer really should use codes and stuff which dont get us lots of alerts (not sure if they are false or real alerts currently) or if he needs to use codes which give false alerts, then he maybe should make the code for tts backup tool open souce so we can be reassured by seeing it is safe to use.

    ... i mean even nexusmods recently took out the tts modbackup file. you cant download it anymore.

    just my opinion.
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    This tool has been removed from Nexus... due to the virus issue... no idea if it is still in development or what.... but this is an absolute MUST tool for TTS... I hope it gets fixed at some point. Really the devs themselves should be providing a tool like this imo.
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    So there appears to be a new version of the backup tool up on Nexus. I dl'd it and tried it, and it seems to be working, though there was one crash.

    It's backing up files, anyway.

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    thanks for the update

    EDIT: unfortunately my antivir still alerts me and says its a trojan and starts to desinfect it.
    well this time only 2 antivir alert on virustotal, and kaspersky is still included. ive got the feeling it is a false alert, but v2.0.9 still has 20+ alerts. sorry for bugging you about this here again, since i already left you a private message, but it would be really reassuring for me and probably for others, too, if you (froghut) could give us your opinion regarding these antivir alerts for v2.0.9 and v2.0.12. like.. if you know what causes it, just saying for example.. "its false alert, because some code isnt liked by antivir, i checked it" would be enough to set us at ease. - otherwise: great work with tts modbackup. its a great and useful tool for TTS.
    thanks in advance!
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    Hmm. Neither Defender nor Malwarebytes seems perturbed by it.

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    in the meantime tts mod back version 2.0.9 and 2.0.12 and 2.0.13 was sent by me and a friend to kaspersky as a false alert so they could check the files manually. they confirmed it was a false alert and they fixed the false alert for the named three versions. but i dont know if another false alert can happen when a new update of the tool is released.

    so it looks like there is some code inside the tool that behaves the way some antivir software dont like. but the tool is up to the current date safe to use.

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