Short version: Currently, the persist tag on objects does not save after leaving the session; when a saved game is loaded from the main menu, all objects lose the persist tag. It would be wonderful if the persist tag remained when loading a saved game from the main menu, or if there was an option to toggle this.

Reason for requesting: I'm requesting this because, especially in role playing games, there are often a lot of objects that players want to keep through scene changes. When the DM loads, e.g., a map or setting from the workshop, naturally players would like to keep character sheets, custom dice, etc. When the session is saved and re-loaded from the main menu, the persist tag is gone, and objects are again vulnerable to scene changes.

My specific instance: I've got a nice, detailed, customized role playing table setup with side tables to mess around on, color-coded dice, and decorative items added. When we're done for the night, we save the session and exit the game. Loading the game again restores all of the objects correctly, but they lose the persist tag; when the DM loads up a new game/workshop setup, these objects all disappear again! To avoid losing items, we have to meticulously re-persist all of these objects again! With around 400 objects in place, it takes about 10 minutes to find, un-lock, and re-persist all of them every time that we re-start our gaming group for the night.