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Thread: [v9.6] Custom dice calculations

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    Lightbulb [v9.6] Custom dice calculations

    Similar to the already implemented [v5.7] Dice calculations! but for custom dice as well, I propose two suggestions:

    Suggestion A: For custom dice, enable giving each facing a custom number. Roll calculations for the hover menu could then add up each custom number similar to what is done for standard dice already and show the total. Such custom numbers could be set/changed under a new "Facing" tab in the die's custom menu (with numbers 1 through X as defaults). This would for instance permit adding up custom FATE-like dice using custom -1, 0 or +1 numbers.

    Suggestion B: For custom dice, enable giving each facing a custom label. Roll calculations for the hover menu could then count how many of each label are showing. In the new "Facing" tab, the die should then be set as either a number or label die by a radio-button choice. Custom label dice would for instance permit calculation of custom HeroQuest-like dice by adding identical "Skull", "White shield" and "Black shield" labels together into a comma-separated list such as "2 Skull, 1 White shield, 1 Black shield".

    I realize this is two suggestions A and B in one, but I felt they were so closely related it justified posting them together. One problem occurs for calculating both label AND number dice at the same time (whether custom, standard or a combination). A solution could be to count any label dice first, followed by adding together any number dice. Combining both suggestions A and B, this would for instance permit a hover menu dice calculation of "2 Skull, 1 White shield, 1 Black shield, -1 -1 +0 +1 = -1 FATE Dice". Furthermore, if the number dice are combined with other number dice (like 4 custom FATE dice and 1 standard d6) they would simply show without the "FATE Dice" suffix similar to how calculations on standard d6 and d20 are already combined in TTS v5.7 and up.

    The benefit of having this is it makes it very easy for players to quickly figure out what their custom die rolls add up to, without having to zoom in on the dice to read the custom texture.

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    I like suggestion B.

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    I actually put forward the exact same suggestion a while back. Glad to see I'm not the only one who wants it

    Combining both A and B is the best option, and could be handled fairly easily. You wouldn't even need radio buttons for choosing value or label; all you need to do is put the name of each face in quotes if it's a label, or leave the quotes out if it's a value. If the system can't parse a value, it can just ignore it.

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    You can now do this with the new Rotational Values that you can read about here. Thanks!

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