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Thread: Players stack on top of each other in the same seat

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    Exclamation Players stack on top of each other in the same seat

    Was using Hotseat mode with my nephew today, and noticed this.

    To Reproduce:
    1) At the Main Menu, select Multiplayer > Hotseat. Set it to 4 players.
    2) Before setting the players at their seats, if the game didn't already load it, switch the table to the Square table(the first one in the list).
    3) Now set the players at all 4 of the seats.
    4) Once the turns enable and it's Player 1's turn, change the table to the Hexagon table.
    Once the table loads, Players 1, 2, and 4 will be stacked on top of each other, in the same seat, and Player 3 will be opposite them.
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    This should be fixed in v6.1.

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    Still occurring in newest update 6.1.
    I suppose I should ID the players as colors since it doesn't matter what player you stick in those spots. So, once the table loads, the players in the White, Orange, and Purple spots will stack together in the same seat, and the Green player will be opposite them.
    Hotseat bug v6.1.jpg
    This is after switching to the Hexagon table from the Square table.

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    Thanks I will look into it.

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