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Thread: Hand areas revert to default positions

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    Exclamation Hand areas revert to default positions

    I have a mod that I have set up for 6 players on the Custom Large table. I have removed the White and Pink hands and re-positioned the others around the table - 2 on each long side, and 1 on each short side. I saved the game and exited to the main menu, then went back into single player to load the mod again to see if it saved the hand positions, and when I selected the Hand Zones tool to check, all 8 hand zones were back and in their default spots.

    EDIT: Nailed the issue. I went back out again, to the main menu and into Single Player. This time, before I loaded the save, I switched my color to Red, which was not removed. Then when I loaded the saved game, the hand positions were where I had set them. Previously, when I had re-loaded the game, I had my color set to White, which was removed. So if you load the game and you are a color that doesn't have a hand in the loaded game, then all the hand positions will restore back to their default positions.

    So, a suggestion on how to fix this: If a game is loaded and a player is assigned to a color which does not have a hand zone set for it, then when the mod loads it should ask any player in a spot that does not exist to choose a new color. So, if I am White and I load the mod but there is no White position at the table, then I should be asked to choose a new one from the ones that do exist.
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    This should be fixed in the latest update.

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