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    Community Creations

    The Scoop is where I give the community regular updates every couple of weeks.
    The Newsletter gets sent out each month and is an overview of what's been happening the past month.
    Community Spotlight is where an originally created game, custom original model, fan art (with the drawing tools), etc is posted on our social media.

    Sometimes it's hard to find original works, so I'd love it if you come across something fabulous that you'd like to see posted in one of the ways above, that would help a great deal, or if you made something you'd love to showcase, then post away!

    Creating an original game that uses characters from another IP is NOT considered original works, so please don't post those.

    Some examples that have been posted previously:

    Dice tower:
    Alchemy kit:
    Tabletop Hockey:

    Please note that not all games will be chosen for the spotlight, but will always be looked at and considered.

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    I might have something somebody could find useful.

    Basically, it's an dice tray with some tricks done with the mesh normals.
    The result is a dice tray you can throw the dice into, and they will not bounce out (easily).

    Here's a collection of different versions (Just different looks.):

    Each is also individually available, just do a "Magic Dice Tray" search in steam workshop.
    I hope you like them...

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    Here's a link to my the third and pretty much final version of my mod "3D room and Furniture"
    It aims to create a comfortable gameroom to make playing in tabletop simulator a bit cozier It adds chairs representing player positions, a floor that can stop objects from falling into the abyss, and the rest of the room where posters and pictures on the wall can be changed to fit the game and add useful information. The background can be seen through the windows and change the mood of the room depending on luminosity. Everything is tintable and customizable to your own liking.

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    The latest version of TMDT is out...

    Update. Added video:
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    Hello! Recently I've translated to english an Original Game made by me called Paragon Tactics Arena.

    It is a Turn Based Tactics Game with Card Management... Currently the english version contains only the 16 standard characters, allowing games for 2 to 4 players.

    It has a Portuguese Mod since January of 2016 with a lot extra content (Solo/Co-Op mode, an equipments expansion and lots of extra characters) that I intend to add to the English version later.

    Hope you enjoy! =)

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    New Tumba realease!
    Tumba's Best Button for modders.
    A code-ready button with animations and option to add button code to any assetbundle that fills pre-requirements.

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    Here is a video of my TTS RPG Framework that I am currently using for my weekly D&D 3.5 Edition game (although it could easily be adapted to other systems).
    I'm still working out some of the kinks but when I do, I will update this post with the Workshop link. For now, you can see the "trailer" at:


    The first release of the RPG Framework is available. It supports player specific roll menu buttons, animated characters (whose animations are triggered by roll buttons), text to speech, health tokens and trays, character sheets and spell cards (with side tables).

    A manual is included to summarize the process of common mods (such as renaming players, adding/modifying roll buttons, adding own animated characters, etc).
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