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Thread: Suggestion for supporting for higher memory (without requiring 64-bit!)

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    Suggestion for supporting for higher memory (without requiring 64-bit!)

    Memory limits were always a big problem with people modding Skyrim, until something called ENB came along with a really clever solution: To get past the memory limit, it ran a second 32-bit DX9 application that held extra assets that interfaced with Skyrim, essentially doubling the amount of available memory from 4 to 8.

    Maybe Tabletop Simulator could do something similar to get past the limit.

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    If its do-able for the Simulator that would be a great thing to implement. the 4GB (actually a bit under) limit to Ram usage for 32bit programs has been a bit of a glass wall that really needs smashing through.

    Time marches on and ultimately a 64 bit version of the game is going to be needed but this would be a nice stop gap till that happens.

    Big Fat +1 from me

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    Big Fat +1 from me
    Me Too I think being able to raise the limitation might reduce he amount of crashes that happen because the program runs out of memory.

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