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Thread: Means to change "Custom" settings in Custom Models for multiple models at once

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    Means to change "Custom" settings in Custom Models for multiple models at once

    For those occasions when I've made many placements on a table with delicate positioning, then realise I need fix some detail about the geometry or collider of one of the model types I'm using - so once I've made the new mesh in Blender I have the choice of either: Right-click, Custom, paste the new link into every single copy I'm replacing one at a time; OR deleting all the old ones, creating a whole new batch of copies and going through the placement-positioning process all over again.

    Would be great if I could somehow select them all as they already stand, then swap in the new links (or even just to make them all Cardboard at once, or Figures instead of Generic at once, etc.) for them all at once - would streamline things for me considerably sometimes when I screw up and need to make adjustments.

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    Yeah.... that would be nice. I tend to just run a search and replace in the .Json file for these situations. Way..way.. quicker than doing it on the table top when there's lots of similar objects involved.

    But better "management" tools all round would be a nice addition to the simulator at some point in the not to distant.

    So this gets my +1

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