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Thread: [v7.4] VR mode!

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    Lightbulb [v7.4] VR mode!

    I feel like the game is now in a pretty good place to start putting in a VR mode. Plus, with the imminent arrival of the consumer Oculus Rift soon (and the Vive not long after that), i think development for it should start soon.

    I have to say that I can't WAIT to try the game in VR ! And with all the content already on the Workshop, TTS could really stand out as a top-tier, full fledged, complete VR game at the launch of consumer VR. Having an avatar (tho maybe that's a 2nd+ pass feature) and playing real games with others in VR sounds SO MUCH FUN! And the idea of using the Vive controllers or the Oculus Touch to pick up items and interact with the world? So stoked. But even until we get there, seeing the room, the table, the games, etc right in front of you is going to make me so giddy with excitement.

    VR makes social so much more relevant in games, and TTS is very much about the people around the table, so it's a perfect match. Though i will say that for VR, the other suggestions of having a floor could be pretty important to not induce vertigo. Also, chairs.

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    VR for the HTC Vive is now released (in alpha!) as of v7.4. There's still more to come. Enjoy!

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