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Thread: in-game chat - timestamps, text size, keep it open

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    in-game chat - timestamps, text size, keep it open

    Some chat window options - timestamps, text size, keep it open check.

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    For time stamps, -1. I don't think they're exactly necessary, and would just take a lot of room in the box. Plus the fact people all over the world play at the same time in different time zones, so it's not like we all have the same time on our clocks and it'd make any difference anyways. But that's just my opinion.

    The other 2 however - text size, and keeping the box open, those get a +1
    - The text size can be a bit small for people to see, and making it bigger would be nice so you don't have to squint down at the screen to see what someone said. There are probably some who don't mind it the size it is, but not everyone's vision is good enough to see and read the text when it's that small.
    - Keeping the box open would be nice too, especially if you're in single player modding, and you're hanging out in Global Chat for company(which I do now), it'd be nice to be able to just keep the box on screen, or be able to set a timer for it, to at least make it a longer time period. Kinda like a "sleep" timer on a mobile device - setting how much time has to pass with no activity before it puts the screen to sleep. Or in this case, it'd be 'how much time has to pass with no new entry in the chat box by you or anyone else before the box disappears'.

    And just as a suggestion for a place to put these - I'd say in the same place as the connection option, the gear tab that's on the top corner of the chat box. There's a lot of empty space in that big box that pops up with only one option in it. Might as well fill it :P

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    Font size and keeping the chat open has been added in today's update v6.3. We won't be adding time stamps though.

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