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Thread: Sorting intermittent in Workshop

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    Exclamation Sorting intermittent in Workshop

    Sometimes, if I click Sort in the Workshop and make a selection, it sorts correctly. Other times, it doesn't sort at all. Also, when it does sort and you click the down arrow, the drop-down shows up under a different workshop item and sometimes there isn't a drop down arrow at all. When it shows up for a different workshop item, I suspect the drop-down item is showing up in the list where the workshop item was located *before* clicking sort. Basically, it is pretty messed up.

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    I've noticed that sometimes the sort doesn't appear to sort also; but wasn't ever sure whether it was just that I didn't click the button correctly (might have missed the hit target due to screen size and the top of the sort menu going a little under the top center menu.

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    Somewhat related to this, if you click the dropdown arrow for a mod that contains a scripted object, it doesn't include that scripted object at all. So with a mod that only contains a single scripted object, it doesn't show anything, the dropdown arrow just disappears.
    Which is kind of annoying since I've made a mod with a single scripted object, meant to be used with another mod. Spawning from the Workshop menu is the easiest way and ensures you always spawn the latest version, but this bug makes that impossible.

    But Berserk placed a job ad for a UI designer on their site the other day, so hopefully that person will help solve this problem

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