It's not a cynical question. It's a real question for me.

It's seem fairly straight forward to add mods directly to the already existing menus (just have to make menus scrollable and add organizing into folders further on down the road). It would be much easier, graphical and simply more straightforward to separate mods into background, chest, game, ... folders. "Game" would be the whole shebang, while background and chest would separate elements from to mod to use them separately. A save to chest function has been added to bridge the difference between game and mod but why does it have a sloppy side interface? What limitations are blocking this? I'd like to understand in order to gain a more real appreciation of the game's state.

This would definitely work towards the aim of the game, to be more than just moddable. It would be a top priority in my option since the game relies on this (it comes pretty empty because it comes totally open to outside creations)