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Thread: What games would you like to see officially a part of Tabletop Simulator as DLC?

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    Game: Zombie Tsunami
    Publisher: Lucky Duck Games
    Contact Page:
    Late Pledge Page:

    I'm seriously thinking of doing the late pledge for the Ultimate set. It looks fun!
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    Is there any plans to add some of Fantasy Flight games? I would love to see a complete Descent 2e, mansions of madness!!

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    Game: Smallworld
    Publisher: Days of Wonder
    Contact Page:

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    I really would like to see

    From NSKN Games

    By the way... I wonder if is possibile to have a little update about the DLC coming since your last newsletter is quite old (end of June)

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    Now that I've had a few chances to play it, I gotta say I'm really loving The Godfather board game that was released by Cool Mini or Not (CMON). would love to see a gangster themed DLC with this game.

    Seeing as how there's multiple Godfather games, I guess I should call it by it's full name "The Godfather: Corleone's Empire"
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