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Thread: [Request] Lower Key

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    [Request] Lower Key

    Controls: So when playing multi-level board games and ETC. You have the ability to raise a piece, token, model, whatever. You do not have option to move it to a lower plane. Prime example would be tri-chess.

    Could you please add a lower control system. I believe this would not only improve, if not make many mods fully playable like tri-chess and open the door for more multi-level board games.

    My suggestion on how to implement this would be:
    R = raise object
    Alt/Fn + R = lower object

    286160_screenshots_2016-01-10_00001.jpg , basically illustrates the issue, a lower function would fix. The only alternative in this situation is the gizmo tool, or smashing through the other pieces. The gizmo tool really isn't intended for this use and isn't very accessible right now, so a flip to the raise function would be incredibly welcome. I have tried using LMB + RMB, turning off auto-raise on the pieces and all are poor substitutes for what the intended movement should be.

    Thanks for all your hard work so far.

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    Instead of the raise key raising an object a defined amount higher, I think it should work like this:

    Hold the R key and then you can use the mouse to drag the object up/down the Y axis. When you let go of R, the object can now be moved around the table at that specific height. Holding R should also hover the last object selected like the lock function so that the user may adjust their camera before raising.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    Instead of the raise key raising an object a defined amount higher, I think it should work like this:
    SNIP ...
    Yes, I think that would be the best way to do it. I would fix some of the clunky object mouvement

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    Yeah I could get behind that. Basically if you raise something to a higher position, you can still use mouse wheel to adjust the height, like you would say with the gizmo. Bravo.

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