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Thread: No-Clip Key

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    Lightbulb No-Clip Key

    Would be interesting to be able to toggle on, or have a key, or key combination for locked and movable objects that would enable no-clip for any said object. For those of you who don't know what know no-clip refers to, it's when an object can pass trough other objects, as it's collision model is negated. Which is basically what this would be doing, just disabling the collision model when and where needed. This would be a quick and dirty way of board management, without toggling the actual collision model manually.

    Would anyone else appreciate this function?

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    Isn't that what the Gizmo function is for though?

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    No, the gizmo has a no-clip function. Furthermore the gizmo is quite a cumbersome tool to use, if you plan to use it throughout a game, at least as of now. This would allow you to move about the piece and without collision by simple holding a key, or toggling a function. All of this save the fact yes TTS still requires imagination, but using a gizmo all the time, well that's just no fun unless it feels close to what I'd actually be doing.

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