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Thread: How long does a game to be published?

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    Question How long does a game to be published?


    I just used the "upload workshop" option but I can't see my work published on the steam site. I don't know if an error occurred or simply needs some time to hapen. How long does it usually takes to see the game published in the steam site workshop?

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    Go to the Workshop and click on your profile on the right side of the page. It should allow you to view your own uploads/creations. By default anything you upload can only be seen by yourself. There is a visibility option that you can change so that it can be seen by friends only or the general public.

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    I got it.

    The problem was I wasn't filling in the URL link for an image when uploading workshop.

    Thanks for your help, Mateui

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    For future reference, most of the time it should be near instant, but sometimes it can take up to 10 minutes.

    But yeah, that image thing got me on my first upload too. lol

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