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Thread: Bug/Problem; pasted objects fall through other objects.

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    Bug/Problem; pasted objects fall through other objects.

    When pasting small objects they will often fall through other objectives on its way toward the table (atleast flat objects over other flat objects, like tokens over board tiles). It's possible to pick them up again from inside the tile underneath, though. But it drives us nuts, so..

    Hope you will take a look at this!
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    Here's a test save demonstrating my problem. I have found that it only happens for small tokens, while larger tokens will land solidly on the tiles.
    It would mean a lot to us if somebody could take a look

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    +1, this is quite annoying. Also happens when importing stacked pieces from your saved objects in the chest.

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    I just found out that increasing drag and angular drag avoids the problem.

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    Why is this, exactly? My players report that it kinda fixed the problem, but that they still fall through other specific objects. Change drag on these too?

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