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Thread: "Back as Hidden" does not work for Unique Sided decks.

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    Exclamation "Back as Hidden" does not work for Unique Sided decks.

    Title says it all - If you create a Unique-Sided deck, using 2 Deck sheets, and then check "Back as Hidden", it does not use the data it has for the "Back" of the cards. It still just uses the last slot of the deck sheet.

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    I hope it is ok to give this thread a bump. This does not seem to be such a hard thing to change but I think it is pretty crucial. I am surprised I did not find more posts regarding this issue.

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    Ran into this issue as well. I had to split up the decks because the 'hidden card' slot on the unique back image overrides any unique backs. Found it strange, too.

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    Thanks, this will be fixed in the next patch.

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    Fixed in today's update v7.8, thanks.

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    OK, so I've just found out that this only was partly fixed.

    When making a unique-sided deck, checking "Back is Hidden" works as we intended it to now, and uses the Back images as the Hidden image.

    - HOWEVER -

    now if you leave the "Back is Hidden" box unchecked, then it will use all of the Faces for the hidden image instead, and does not use the slot in the bottom corner of the sheet at all.
    Link to a screenshot showing the bug:

    Not sure how long it's been this way.
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    Can confirm what TheRaven81 said, came to post about this bug myself. Two different mods I have created (both ones that have worked before) now had all hands visible to all players making the games utterly broken. Creating the custom deck again looked to resolve the issue for one of the games and I don't *think* I changed any settings for how the deck was created, so perhaps check to see that this bugfix didn't mess up how previously created decks function. For clarity, I think the reason all hands are visible to all players is that the backside used for unique backed decks with back is hidden is the same as the front side.

    Here is the workshop link for one of the games, the agent cards (that say "Agent" on the back) have the issue:

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    I've removed the Solved prefix from this thread as its clearly expanded into a larger problem
    and will require further looking at

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