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Thread: [v7.9] Saturation (or brightness) slider for color wheel

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    [v7.9] Saturation (or brightness) slider for color wheel

    At the moment, the color wheel does not allow for the selection of desaturated colors, grays, or blacks for piece colors. This would really be a nice feature to have for colored pieces meant to be black or dark gray (such as perhaps representing German units in a wargame). The version that would work with the current wheel is a saturation bar, but changing the color wheel to be fully saturated and adding a brightness bar instead would be fine with me, even preferable. If the devs want to take it to the extreme, a hex color entry field would be helpful too.

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    yup, would be useful

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    I'd love to see a saturation slider for objects and *especially* a brightness slider! Apart from all the obvious additional range of colour it will allow for, sometimes i've noticed that when creating textures for custom objects they can appear significantly brighter in game than what you outputted initially. This is made much more problematic when playing wargames for example that can have a whole table of custom floor tiles and as such result in a lot of uncomfortable eye strain.

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    There is a new color picker which allows you to change to any possible kind of color. This was added in v7.9, thanks! You can change the RGB, HSG and Hex colors along with a color picker or being able to choose from the default colors.

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