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Thread: Allow multi object placement from bags

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    Allow multi object placement from bags


    Say you have a board piece with tokens on them, and you move the whole collection to the bag. It would be great if you could deploy that set of objects from the bag, and the objects have the same relative position. This is currently not possible. It is however possible by using the chest saved items.

    Thanks for considering.

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    I like this idea a lot, there are lots of scenario games based out there that are made up of multiple missions/set ups. The ability to set the table with a single action in game would be incredibly useful and allow players to jump into games with a lot less scutt work to get every in order before they start.

    Something like a combination of the bag and new state feature.

    Big fat +1 from me

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    That would be immensely helpful. Setting up the entire player area on a whim. +1

    Related to this: it is possible to save a collection items to you chest, but when deploying them they are not selected; meaning that if you don't guess perfectly where to place them, you have to select all items again to place it correctly. Would be great to have this part improved.

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